Thursday, January 5, 2012

We came. We recorded. We put off updating this. We updated this. Wrote some dumb shit on Twitter. Had a laugh. Played some shows. Wrote fragmented sentences. More later.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Recording for our first 7" on Friday with the beautiful Morgan Keown at Cherry Beach. Get ready for guitarmonies, power ballads, and Pat's soaring melodies.

Also, December 16th. Siesta. UP THE XXXMAS PUNX!!! We're partying with our friends in Anger, Endow, Direct Approach, and Wastoids! We'll be making new friends with Milhaus Youth. A Simpsons reference in a band name? This is going to get real, and fast. Lou and I might try to get done up so you can get your picture taken with Santa and his sexy elves. We'll confirm that later.

Don't miss it. $6 on a Friday? You have nothing else going on.

Monday, May 9, 2011

What's up?

Good news:
- We're writing some new jams in preparation for recording with the lovely Morgan Keown this summer. We're aiming for a 5 or 6-song EP.
- New shirts are on their way. We'll have the design up shortly. You will dig it. The crosses shirt is almost done with, though, so if you wanted one, get in touch or forever wait till someone else makes the same thing for their band.
- We're open to booking shows this summer. Keep your ears to the ground for a few out-of-town dates.

Bad news:
- We're lazy at updating internet stuff. Follow us on facebook. Or Twitter. Yeah. @blackfaxes -- seriously.
- Deleted the myspace, but you didn't even remember that site, so no big deal. We will still accept messages proposing marriage from kind-hearted single ladies from far-away countries, though. Especially if they all have the same info, picture and messages. RIP myspace.

That is all. On a personal note, "Music From The Elder" by KISS: best KISS album.

Friday, December 31, 2010

One Time at Bandcamp...

We put stuff up for sale/download/listening on So much better than myspace, if only because it isn't myspace. Grab some shit, party hard, and go listen to some live music. - check it out!

Speaking of live music, the show with Mad Men last night was rad. Great sets all around, and an awesome turnout. Note to self: Only plat venues where you can get huge buckets of water for personal consumption.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Heads up!

We're playing this Thursday at the Shop (downstairs at Parts & Labour) with Mad Men, No Problem, and Urban Blight. Show is $7 and doors are at 10pm. You should probably do yourself a favour and show up for this one. Not sure whether or not it will be 19+, but keep your eyes open for that info. I'm going to say it won't be, but I could be wrong.

In other news, Marty kind of digs Fields Of The Nephilim.

Friday, December 17, 2010


Last night was fucking rad. Seriously. Great turnout, great sets all around, positive vibe, and of course, the return of our beloved D'Arcy from Nihon.

It was really something else to see not only a great turnout on a Wednesday night in the middle of December, but that there were so many young people, both guys and girls. Huge props to the kid with the plaid bondage pants. I felt like I was transported to 1997 for a moment, and not because I was an awkward goth kid in pvc pants. But I digress...

So we actually have those new shirts (sorry Greg Ginn and SST, don't sue me). They look great, and I make a fantastic model. Glenn at Hardboiled(82 Nassau) does incredible things at reasonable prices. Go get some shirts printed by him, check his band !Attention!, and bake him some vegan cookies. After that, come say hi at a show and grab one of those shirts. $10, and we have sizes from Small to XL. Also, we have one more of the first shirt in a large, if you want to get street cred down the road.

In other news, we won't be playing that show with Kosmograd, but Graham's other band, Teethmarks, will. If you dig us, but want something a little more southern and rawkin', check 'em out. Featuring the sexual romance of Wellman and Drebit, formerly of Ball Harness. Why no links, you ask? Well, I'm a lazy asshole, mainly. Plus, you probably know how to use google. I believe in you.

Okay, back to songwriting and Scrabble. Life is good.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Concrete plans

We have some shows(look to the right). We have some new shirts (hello inverted crosses, sorry SST -- don't sue us).

Things are pretty good. As mentioned, there was some live recording done at studio three for EqualizingXDistort. It was rad, and Stephe only busted our balls slightly. Looking forward to seeing his Agnostic Front tribute band when they hit the bar 'n grill circuit.

I know we always say we're going to record, and then we don't really get it done the way we intend, but fuck you, we're artists. Well, the other guys are. I'm more of a vampire, myself. Point being, we'll get around to it, but for a band that hasn't actually managed to sit down and do a proper recording, we've got three releases out now. You can download all three from mediafire:

First demo (2010):
Double Happiness/Upon the Vine:
EXD session:

Now you can become our biggest fan and then put the naked woman shirt on ebay and put the reserve real high!

But seriously, come check out the show this Wednesday. Deathrats will be incredible, we'll(read: me, Peter) try not to fuck up much, and good times will be had by all.